1606011-1_1_750 So what do you know about our Emana® leggings? They are super comfortable, yes. They feel like like second skin, yes. But so do all our leggings. What is so special about those Emana® Leggings?

It’s time your tights worked a little harder for you ladies, and we think we have the leggings that will do just that. By harnessing the powers of break through textile technology called Emana®, the team at Lí­Quido Moda in Brazil have created a range of leggings that will not only look amazing on, but when off, your pins will look just as perfect.

The Emana® leggings are part of the Lí­Quido basics collection, a range of tights that have been designed to help women feel and look great. Made for real women and tested by real women, the leggings were put through their paces in independent studies and the results speak for themselves. And the secret behind this all? Read on to find out…

How do they work?

The Emana® technology is all down a polymide based yarn that, with a little help from bioactive minerals, enhances and encourages the microcirculation of the blood. Absorbing some of the infrared waves that your body gives out, the unique yarn than re-emites these as the new ‘far infrared waves’ — or known to you and us as stimulation to get your blood going and legs glowing!

Interacting with your body on a purely physical basis, there’s no mumbo jumbo behind this, just clever science. As the microcirculation of your blood happens, the temperature of your skin is spread evenly, leaving you with better looking legs at the end of the day. We told you they worked hard!

What are the benefits?

Cue the numbers! These studies have shown that over a period of 60 days, women found that the elasticity of their skin increased by 8%, whilst there was an 11% improvement on any signs of cellulite (woohoo!!). Not only that but women reported a 9% increase on the collagen synthesis of their skin, meaning the clever leggings worked their magic and turned back the clock to make skin look healthier and younger. And as well as giving your legs a makeover, the Emana® technology is also used in sportswear as ladies claim they increase body energy, increase your performance during exercise AND improves body oxygenation — so that morning commute has been turned into a walk in the park!

Just to sum it all up:

  • Improved celular metabolism
  • Improved the skin elasticity
  • Reduced the signs of cellulite
  • Thermal balance

Comfort hasn’t been left out of the equation either, as Emana® has been said to increase body energy whilst keeping the same comfy principles of other polyamide leggings. With no fancy care instructions, these tights are easy to wash & dry, whilst the science behind the tights still works wash after wash after wash. Phew!!

Now enough of talking about them, it’s time to try them for yourselves! We offer them in Black, Rock and Petrol.